• *This service is commonly known as Toll Free Service and provides an ideal opportunity for business promotion. This service uses the new fashion in charging , a call to a service subscriber will be paid by called party. All charges are levied on the service subscriber. For the calling user the service is free of charge. Ideal for Customer care, Consultancy, Health Care, Home Delivery, Travel & Hospitality services, Hotels and the whole business community in general who want their customer to call them free of cost.
  • * This service is also ideal for customer oriented organizations that can provide information about their products, allow customer to place orders and even register complaints.
  • * Subscriber needs to advertise only one logical number which is accessible from all telecom service providers. It’s a powerful Telemarketing tool to make your business grow. One TFS number can have multiple destination telephone numbers. Presently access is with 10 digit number : 1800-22-ABCD
  • * Presently Callers dial the 10 digit TFS number. This number is analyzed in the IN system. One can define multiple Fixed or Mobile numbers against the TFS number. IN system translates the TFS number to the attached fixed or Mobile numbers and routes the call as per predefined criteria.